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 Keith Crown (1918-2010)

Born in Keokuk, Iowa, Keith Crown became a leading abstractionist in Southern California following World War II. His primary medium was watercolor, and he was on the board of directors of the California Water Color Society, and in 1959 served as President.

He attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1936-1940, receiving his BFA in 1946. During World War II, he was an Infantry Artist and Staff Sergeant as well as a field correspondent for Yank magazine. He was awarded a Bronze Star during the War.

In 1946, Crown joined the faculty at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles as an instructor of art. In 1947, he had his first one-man show at the M.H. deYoung Museum in San Francisco.  He became interested in pre-Columbian art after a trip to Mexico in 1951, acquiring a fine collection.  He was awarded a sabbatical leave in 1956 when he visited Taos, New Mexico, for four months.  A second sabbatical leave occurred in 1964 when he spent time as a Visiting Professor of Painting at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.  Throughout his teaching career he traveled as a visiting professor at many collages in the United States and Canada.

Crown spent considerable time painting and writing while working in Taos, New Mexico the first time he visited on a sabbatical in 1956, staying for four months.  In 1975, he built a house in Talpa, near Taos. Although he continued traveling widely, he stayed in Taos part of each year. Retiring in 1983 from USC as a Professor Emeritus of Art, he moved to Columbia, Missouri, where he continued to produce art. A retrospective exhibit of his art was held to celebrate his 90th birthday in 2008 at the Perlow-Stevens Gallery at the University of Missouri.

Selected works currently in our inventory :

Images are not to scale.

"Arroyo Miranda with the Sangre de Cristos"
  30"  x 22", watercolor on paper

"The Valley Near Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico"
  22"  x 30", watercolor on paper

"Untitled (catalog No 1026)"
  22"  x 17.5", watercolor on paper

"The Little Intersections of Arroyo Miranda - Near Taos"
  28"  x 21", watercolor on paper

"A Flight of Wild Adobes on a Mountain Perch, Taos"
  22"  x 30", watercolor on paper

"The Canyon of Raton Pass"
  30"  x 22", watercolor on paper

"The Southwest Ridge, Ranchos de Taos Valley"
22"  x 30", watercolor on paper

"TheView of Taos Mountain from Talpa, New Mexico"
  30"  x 22", watercolor on paper

"Taos - Near the Golf Course"
  30"  x 22", watercolor on paper

22"  x 30", watercolor on paper