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"Movement #1"

Original sculpture by Ron Lopez

The visual arts were an early refuge for Ron that offered inspiration, confidence, and a means of expression.  Growing up in Raton, New Mexico he struggled in school, math and reading didn't come easily, but the arts seemed to come natural to him.  With no formal arts education, Ron Lopez’s paintings and sculpture are a raw and brilliant birth of abstract forms.  His sculptures are solid, made of steel and iron and reflect the dynamic juxtaposition of lines and shapes that so moved the abstract expressionists and before them, like Picasso.  “I hope people will enjoy my work and not try to figure it out” 

Ron insists his work doesn’t have any agenda beyond sharing unadulterated emotions and child-like fascination with the world.  As he describes his creative process, his Zen both amuses and intrigues.  “I make a piece, and in a few days, when I come back to it, if it still excites me, I think, well it works.  Then, I just keep going”

Lopez is self-taught, but readily acknowledges his influences.  Picasso and de Kooning’s transcendent aspects are inextricable from his artistic style.  John Chamberlin’s work made from found car parts, and the similar works of Mark de Suvero, have clear parallels with his own sculpture Ron’s foray into sculpture began with stone and wood.  Eventually, he found perhaps his greatest influence in works of David Smith, which he remarked, “clarified my intent, at the time, and inspired me to start working with steel.” 

Images are not to scale.

  63.5" high x 36" wide x 34" deep , steel.

"No Off" 
  65" high x 40" wide x 11" deep , steel.

  42 inches high , steel.

"Movement #1" 
  56.5" high x 47" wide x 15.5" deep , steel.

  27 inches high , steel.

   15" high x 18" wide x 15" deep , steel.

"Young Lupe"
24" high x 5" wide, wood.

"Rita of Taos"
39" high x 8.5" wide, wood.

"Lupe my Love"
31.5" high x 20" wide, wood.

24" high x 10" wide, wood.

27.5" high x 11.5" wide, wood.

"Abstract Figure"
  27 inches high , wood.

  26 inches high , wood.

"My Celia"
  23.5 inches high , wood.

  30 inches high , steel.

"Lupe at 21"
25 H x 10 W x 10" D - SOLD

  22.5 inches high , wood. - SOLD

  45 inches high , steel. - SOLD