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Original art work by America Martin

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Images are not to scale.

"Green Mangos & Fruit Flowers"
  62 inches x 88 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas

"Woman in Gray & Blue I"
  14 7/8 inches x 11 inches, acrylic & ink on paper

"Woman in Blossomes Blue"
  30 1/2 inches x 70 1/2 inches,  oil & acrylic on canvas

"The Sripped Orange Cat"
  62 1/2 inches x 33 1/2 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas

"Woman in Gray & Blue I"
  14 7/8 inches x 11 inches, acrylic & ink on paper

"Fan & Blue Cat"
  61 1/2 inches x 24 1/2 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas

"Yellow Pitcher, Blue Cloth and Fruit"
  25 inches x 37 inches, ink on paper

"Woman with Bird"
  75 inches x 34 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas

"Cactus Flower & Fruit"
  16 inches x 20 inches, oil, acrylic and Ink on paper

"Travel on the Wind"
  37.5 inches x 25 inches, ink on paper

"Woman in a Field"
  12 inches x 8 inches, clay pencil,  Ink and acrylic on paper

"Woman with Book & Quiet"
  15 inches x 22 inches, clay pencil,  Ink and acrylic on paper

"Apricots and Fish"
  18 inches x 36 inches, clay pencil, acrylic and Ink on paper

"Girl with Goose"
  4.5 inches x 2.5 inches, clay pencil and acrylic on pape

"Fish & Bone"
28 inches x 22 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas

"Limes & Tennis Balls"
  12 inches x 12 inches, oil and acrylic on wood

"Red Peach & Yellow Sun"
  6 1/4 inches x 8 3/4 inches, acrylic & ink on paper.

"Day Dream vs Volt"
  15 inches x 20 inches, clay pencil,  Ink and acrylic on paper

Artist Statement:



Biography and  Artist Statement - 2013

AMERICA MARTIN is an internationally represented Colombian-American fine artist based in Los Angeles. America is a painter and a sculptor. The magnetic pull of Martin's work is authentic, generated by both her ability to express a unique gesture that speaks to a universal truth (thus, we recognize it instantly) and her exceptional skill at rendering that truth via the human form. She pulls from the stylistic lessons of the classics and its derivations with indigenous subject matter, while redefining what it is to combine abstract and indigenous motifs.

<>Martin’s art and personality encapsulates a sense of enthusiasm and hope. While born in the USA, the roots of America’s Colombian heritage deeply penetrate her work. People are Martin’s dominant subject. They are large in size, vivacious and accessible, and seem to burst out of the limits of each canvas or sculpture. Within this pulsating interplay of color, texture, line, and shapes, there is always America’s signature expression that identifies each work as an America Martin.

America Martin is a fine artist based in Los Angeles.  She studied with Vernon Wilson, professor of painting and drawing at Art Center School of Design, and was a scholarship student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA.

America Martin is a traveler between mediums. Her paintings and drawings are emphatic expressions of playful references to a number of the major schools of the twentieth century, as well as to enduring indigenous art forms.  America’s favorite landscape is the landscape of the human form.  Her work is distinguished by a command of line and color and is firmly grounded in the classics.

She is currently working on a large series of peopled urban landscapes painted in oil and ink on paper and canvas.  About her work, Martin says, “It is true. The artist is not born to a life of pleasure, She cannot be idle. It is only duty and discipline that make art. The artist is gluttonous, constantly devouring life in order to translate all that she sees, smells, lives or breathes into her own language. There is no choosing this life, an artist paints because she must.”


The Paintings: 

I paint all my paintings on raw un-primed canvas, they are then done in many layers of Oil paint & Oil stick & Acrylic paint on heavy cotton canvas. They are then varnished.

The Paper Pieces:

I work on only 100% cotton cold pressed paper they are then done in Oil stick and Ink concentrate.