Eric Gibberd (1897-1972)

painting by Eric gibberd


Born in London in 1897, Eric Gibberd suffered from poor eyesight from a young age. His family moved to Western Canada on the recommendation of a doctor, in the hopes that his vision would benefit from the open landscape. For years, he was restricted from reading and other tasks that might strain his eyes.

After the death of his father, Gibberd went to work at the age of seventeen. He pursued a successful career in retail advertising and moved to the United States with his wife, Pauline Bridge Seeberger, a trained artist. Seeberger encouraged him to study art, and he went on to study in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Salzburg, and with Emil Bisttram in Taos. He also had the opportunity to study the works of Paul Cezanne in Cezanne's studio at Aix en Provence.

Gibberd moved to Taos in 1957, where he joined the Taos Art Association and founded Gallery A with two business partners.

Schools of Study

Taos Art School, Taos, NM

Partial List of Collections

Pasadena Art Museum, Pasadena, CA
St. Paul's School, London
Wadham College, Oxford
Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM
Ateno Scientifico, Balearic Islands

Selected Exhibitions

Landau Gallery, Los Angeles
Galerie Henri Trouche, Paris
Kensington Gallery, London
SaIa Vayreda, Barcelona
Kunstzaal Van Lier, Amsterdam
Pasadena Art Museum, Pasadena, CA
Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM
Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO

Selected Works in Our Inventory