Marsha Skinner b. 1944


Marsha Skinner was born in 1944 in Canon City, Colorado.

The following is excerpted from Marsha Skinner’s Landscape, by David Witt:

Few artists have attempted depiction at such an absolute level as Marsha Skinner. The images in her drawings and paintings present a sustained contemplation of patterns in nature. Her works are landscapes in the sense that she takes direct inspiration from work done out-of-doors. But they are recognizable more intuitively than exactly, being not literal copies of outward things, but interpretations of inward or underlying forms.

There has been for Skinner an intersection of plants and calligraphy for a long time. By 1980, she gave up representational depiction of trees (and landscapes) in favor of making drawings about how she felt about trees. She had held a special place in her artistic heart for sagebrush, which became a frequent subject of her work: "Before I began using it as a brush, I thought it was subject matter." Wild sprays of sagebrush naturally lent themselves to calligraphic interpretation. The brusque but informed calligraphic strokes of the ink brush drawings show up as energetic charged particles/occurrences, subject to chance while formed by conscious action.

Skinner has long been recognized in Taos as one of its most philosophical artists, She moved here from Boston in 1976. This was something close to a homecoming for the Colorado native who grew up in the plateau country a couple of hundred miles north of Taos. In between, travels and studies took her to Antioch College and later to New York's China Institute where she studied Oriental art and philosophy. She also lived for a time in India to gain first hand experience with Asian cultures.

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