Agnes Martin Offering

203 Fine Art presents a rare, new offering by the legendary Agnes Martin (1912-2004). 
This painting, Untitled Orange and Yellow, c. 1994, is a part of the artist's ground-breaking grid series. It was acquired by a well-known acquaintance of the artist, directly from Martin in 1995, whom remains present owner to this day. The painting is unsigned and is not currently included in the catalogue. However, other works by Agnes Martin have been acquired by this same owner then sold privately as well as through auction and have been accredited, due to this owner’s clear provenance as an important collector of Agnes Martin, as artworks that would have otherwise been left behind.
With excellent provenance directly back to the artist, this painting, being in a private collection since 1995, is in fine condition and only now available for purchase.

portrait of Agnes Martin in studio
Agnes Martin in her studio, c. 1990s


Untitled Orange and Yellow, c. 1994

60 x 60", acrylic & graphite on canvas

AGNES MARTIN grid painting

Artist: Agnes Bernice Martin

Title: Untitled Orange and Yellow

Signature: Unsigned

Medium/Ground: acrylic & graphite on canvas

Size: 60" x 60"

Provenance: Private Collection since 1995, acquired directly from the artist by the current owner


AGNES MARTIN painting install
Agnes martin detail artwork


"Many works Martin created after 1964 cannot be classified as either drawing or painting. Her grids were drawn with graphite and colored pencils on large painted canvases. By combining techniques, Martin created a dynamic effect..."

-Guggenheim Museum


Agnes Martin studio
Agnes Martin and wes mills in martin's studio

The above images feature Agnes Martin in her studio in Taos, NM, including her paint mixtures and tools to create her historical paintings and drawings. Photographs provided by a close acquaintance involved in the sale of Untitled Orange and Yellow, c. 1994.

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Richel and Andrews have a wide range of knowledge in contemporary, regional historic traditional and modern art, the Taos Moderns,  Los Angeles 1960s Cool School, New York and San Francisco Abstract Expressionist movements. These historic art movements have significantly influenced the artists who lived and worked in Taos from the 1940s onward. Through years of research and community encounters, 203 Fine Art has established the largest commercial collection of Taos Modern artworks.