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Robert C. Ellis (1923-1979)

Minimalist Works From the 70s

abstract graphite drawing by rc ellis

Opening Reception:

May 27th, 5 - 7 pm


Exhibition Dates:

May 27th - July 1st, 2023

203 Fine Art is pleased to present minimalist artworks by Robert C. Ellis (1923-1979) from the 1970s. Featuring a fine selection of the artist’s mature style, Ellis spent his last decade exploring the interplay of nature in simple forms. These hand-selected artworks arrive at calm compositions suspended in time. 

The paintings and works on paper included in this exhibition, from the Spain, Volcano, Torre Real, and Isole series, are influenced by the artist’s international and local travels and come directly from the artist’s estate. The artworks featured in this exhibition are some of the last creations made by the artist before his death in 1979.

Born in Union Point, Texas, in 1923, Robert C. Ellis first began studying art through the University of New Mexico, Taos, at their Summer Field School in 1942. It was here that Andrew Dasburg became his professor and, soon after, a close friend. While Ellis spent his time studying in formal institutions, it was the artist’s experience living with the Tarahumara Indians of the Sierra Madre, Mexico, that carried the most profound influence over the artist’s career. After a fellowship at the Wurlitzer Foundation in the 1950s, Ellis settled permanently in Taos, New Mexico.


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Past Gallery Events

Ronald Davis:

Paintings from The Music Series

detail of Ronald Davis painting
Jonathan Sobol painting
Davis-A Flat B Sharp-Stereo-Trill-install-sm
Davis-A Flat B Minor-detail-sm
Jonathan Sobol- The Sky Above My Ponds - Try to Be Reasonable-minatures -install-sm
Jonathan Sobol- Try to Be Reasonable-full image
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Opening Reception: 4 - 6 pm | February 18

Exhibition Dates: February 7 - March 25, 2023

                    For four years in the 1980s, Ronald Davis, b. 1937, poured and dripped the opaque, cel-vinyl acrylic paint historically used by animators onto canvas and paper. Connecting to his own collegiate studies of music composition within his painting, it was the music he’d play during the process that would ultimately influence his movements, leaving it all up to intuition and chance. From 1982-85, the artist completed over 100 works in The Music Series, which have been exhibited at both the Harwood Museum of Art, 2005 and BlumHelman, New York, 1984.

                      “The Music Series represents an ‘outside the box’ departure from my trademark perspective illusionistic works of the 1960s and 1970s… They are, too, a homage to my heroes: painter Jackson Pollock, composer Charles Ives and instrument builder Don Buchla. They were painted with my heart, not my intellect.”

- Ronald Davis


With featured artists:

 Edward Corbett, Tom Dixon, Jonathan Sobol, Ron Lopez, Dean Pulver, Fritz Scholder, and Hank Saxe

On display in the South Gallery space

Beatrice Mandelman Holiday Show

Opening Reception: 3 - 5 pm | December 30, 2022

Exhibition Dates: November 21, 2022 - January 27, 2023

Abstract painting by Beatrice Mandelman
Abstract painting by Beatrice Mandelman
Mandelman-Install-6-slider size
Mandelman-Rift-full image
Mandelman-Rain #1-full image
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To read about the artist click here


This special holiday exhibition showcases newly acquired minimalist and color-field paintings by artist Beatrice Mandelman (1912-1998), a prolific Taos Modern. It serves as an opportunity to gather together to celebrate this past year as the new year rings in all that is to come.  

The artworks selected are welcoming in the change of season with their reductive space, leaving behind glimpses in the places where bold emotion can not be forgotten. These artworks have been acquired directly from the artist’s estate, with many exhibited for the first time.

At the same time, large-scale nude paintings and landscape paintings by featured artist Wesley Rusnell will fill the rest of the gallery space with bursts of color as a dedicated thank you to and celebration of one of the last living Taos Moderns.


Opening Reception: 3 - 5 pm | December 30, 2022

Exhibition Dates: November 21, 2022 - January 27, 2023

Daniel Hojnacki-A Volatile Body of Ash-framed
Voellmer_Monsoon Bounty-14x14
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A Bi-Annual Group Benefit Exhibition in Partnership with the Harwood Museum of Art

Opening Reception: 4 - 6pm | September 24th, 2022


203 Fine Art is honored to announce the bi-annual exhibition benefit in partnership with the Harwood Museum of Art is returning for its 2022 edition, “Non-Objective / Taos.” With a mission of introducing contemporary artists who are lessor known within the community of Taos, this special-edition exhibition will feature artists from regional New Mexico who are breaking the boundaries of those that came before. The opening reception will be held at 203 Fine Art located at 1335 Gusdorf Rd, Suite i, in Taos, New Mexico, from 4 - 6 pm on September 24th, 2022, and will be exhibited until November 18th, 2022.


Click here for the Online Show Catalogue of "Non-Objective / Taos"



Daniel Hojnacki

Susan Pasquarelli

Mark Saxe

Marsha Skinner

Jonathan Sobol

Onna Voellmer

Taos In Time:

Early Modernism to Contemporary Abstraction

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Interim Installation

July 21st - September 16th 2022

On display until our September 2022 exhibition is a timeline of talent that has impacted the Taos art scene throughout its eras. Artists like Victor Higgins and Andrew Dasburg commenced the Modernist era, while Hans Hofmann began to direct us toward abstract expressionism, which his students Adeïne de la Noë, John De Puy, and Ted Egri reflect back at him and in their own right. Beatrice Mandelman, Michio Takayama, Oli Sihvonen, and Kieth Crown are further representations of the Taos Modernists’ push toward abstract art.

Finally, we see the endless forms contemporary abstraction takes today, with modern masters like Larry Bell and Ron Davis, to our represented artists America Martin, Tom Dixon, Marsha Skinner, Ron Lopez, Hank Saxe, Dean Pulver, and Jonathan Sobol.

Color of Winter

Exhibition Dates: February 17 - April 22, 2022

Larry Bell - Early Vapor Drawing mounted on canvas
Lawrence Calcagno-Untitled-36x40-acryliconcanvas-framed3
Bell-The Crown- 55 x 44-Cropped
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A complete list of artists with works included in the exhibition is listed below.

Lawrence Calcagno

Ronald Davis

Tom Dixon

R. C. Ellis

America Martin

Beatrice Mandelman

Lee Mullican

Louis Ribak

Hank Saxe

Fritz Scholder

Oli Shivonen

Charles Strong

Dean Pulver

Discovered Gems

Artwork from The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation

Exhibition Dates: November 27 - January 31, 2022

ansel adams ranchos de taos rear of church front _cropped
Wurlitzer-Bistram-The Magic of Moonlight-cropped
Stroh-the Arbor-cropped
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In collaboration with The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, 203 Fine Art is proud to announce an exhibition of artwork from Helene Wurlitzer's private collection, as well as works from the Foundation. Much like the obscurity of the Foundation itself, the art collection of its founder, Helene Wurlitzer (1874-1963), has been largely unseen and is now being made available for sale to the public as part of a fundraising initiative.

A complete list of artists with works included in the exhibition is listed below:


Ansel Adams
Andrew Dasburg
Thomas Benrimo
Emil Bisttram
Lawrence Calcagno
Louis Catusco
Joseph Amadeus Fleck
Bill Gersh
Barbara Harmon
Dora Kaminsky
Michael Klein
Toni Mygatt
Ila McAfee
Gerald Nailor Sr.
Robert Ray
Louis Ribak
Alfred Rogoway
Hyde Solomon
Earl Stroh
Harold Waldrum


An in-person opening reception will be held on:


Saturday, November 27, from 4 - 6 pm

To view the exhibition catalogue:  Select Here

To view the collection: Select Here

Ronald Davis Dodecagon resin artwork

Ronald Davis (B. 1937), Seven Decades

Exhibition Dates: September 25 through November 14, 2021


203 Fine Art is pleased to present Seven Decades, a comprehensive survey of work by Ronald Davis, featuring significant pieces from the 1960s to the present. The exhibition celebrates Davis' illustrious and ongoing career by featuring a wide range of work from the artist's oeuvre. Selected from the artist's studio, the exhibition includes artwork which has never been exhibited, as well as legacy works such as the keystone Dodecagon Series, many of which are in the permanent collections of major museums, emphasizing Davis' important contribution to the American art scene.

Ronald Davis attended the San Francisco Art Institute and the Yale-Norfolk Summer School of Music and Art. He has mounted over 80 one-man exhibitions, including several at Nicholas Wilder in Los Angeles, Leo Castelli, and BlumHelman in New York. He has been included in many international exhibitions, including the International Biennial Exhibition of Art XXXVI, Venice, Italy; the Documenta II in Germany; and 4 Documenta International, Ausstellung, Kasel, Germany. His work is in the permanent collections of over forty museums and important foundation collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles, Guggenheim, Tate Modern, London, Art Institute of Chicago, San Francisco Museum of Art, Seattle Art Museum, Harwood Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum, and the Hall Art Foundation.

To view an installation video of this exhibition: Select Here 

Michio Takayama (1903 - 1994), Three Decades in Taos

oil painting by Michio Takayama
24 x 36'', oil on canvas

203 Fine Art is excited to present a solo exhibition of paintings by Michio Takayama.  Takayama's paintings are ethereal and meditative, combining the qualities of traditional Japanese painting and calligraphy with French impressionism, mid-century American modernism and abstract expressionism. We are pleased to present our collection of over 20 works by the artist, from significant institutional and private collections, spanning the artist's three decades of work in Taos.


An in person opening reception will be held on Saturday, June 12, 2021 from 5 to 8 pm

Select here to view the Exhibition Catalogue

Select here to view the Michio Takayama Video

Exhibition Dates: June 12th - August 15th

Holiday Exhibition:
Beatrice Mandelman, RC Ellis & More

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Exhibition Dates: December 18th - January 31st, 2021

203 Fine Art presents a holiday exhibition of works on paper and collages by Beatrice Mandelman and paintings by RC Ellis. Also on view in the gallery, works by 203 Fine Art's represented artists, Eric Andrews, Shaun Richel, America Martin, Courtney Azzara, Ron Lopez, Hank Saxe and John De Puy.

Contemporary Art / Taos at 203 A Harwood Museum Annex Exhibition at 203 Fine Art

installation photograph

203 Fine Art presents an annex exhibition featuring five of the artists juried into the Contemporary Art / Taos exhibition at the Harwood Museum of Art. The diverse practices of the artists presented in this show illuminate the inspiration that has attracted artists to the Taos area for centuries. Designed as a benefit for the Museum, twenty percent of proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the museum's collections fund.


Participating artists:

Monique Belitz

Paul O'Connor

Sasha vom Dorp

Afton Love

Dean Pulver

Exhibition Dates: October 10 - November 30 2020

A rotating artist reception will occur from 11am - 5pm on Saturday, October 10th. In observance of social distancing, the gallery will be open to 6 guests at a time, with an outdoor waiting area.

The gallery will be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am - 4 pm for viewing of the exhibition. As always, small groups are welcome to make an appointment.

"counterpoint", 2020
48'' x 48'', oil on canvas

Tom Dixon "New Works"

Select image above to view exhibition catalogue

203 Fine Art is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by Tom Dixon. In these paintings, Dixon engages in a process of deconstruction and reconstruction, using additive and subtractive techniques. He spontaneously reacts to his surfaces to find a balance of line, form, and color, responding to the paintings in his studio until he uncovers the visual experience that he restlessly searches for.

Exhibition Dates: August 15 - September 27, 2020


Due to COVID-19, there will be no public opening. However, the exhibition will be on view by appointment or during the gallery's walk-in hours on Wednesday & Thursday from 10am - 4pm for groups of 4 or fewer.  

To view the gallery tour, please click here

Taos Moderns in Santa Fe

A fine selection of works by the Taos Moderns, exhibited at the El Zaguán on Canyon Road.

A portion of the proceeds from this exhibition will benefit The Historic Santa Fe Foundation,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


El Zaguán
545 Canyon Rd in Santa Fe, New Mexico

November 8th 2019- January 17th, 2020

Select image to view exhibition catalogue

LA to Taos

An exhibition of works by internationally known Los Angeles artists who made Taos
their home. Featuring artists Larry Bell, Ron Cooper, Ronald Davis and Ken Price.

Opening Reception: September 21, Saturday, 5 to 8 pm
Exhibition: September 21- October 28th, 2019

Select image above to view exhibition catalogue

America Martin in New Mexico

America Martin, with her wonderfully unique perspective on the world that surrounds her, will be creating new works for this exhibition, inspired by the landscapes and culture of Northern New Mexico.  It has been three years since we have held an exhibition of Martin's work in Taos and we are looking forward to seeing what she creates!

Opening Reception: August 23, Friday, 5 to 8 pm
Exhibition: August 23 - September 15th, 2019

Select image to view exhibition catalogue

A Rare Assemblage: Works by Edward Corbett (1919-1979)

A selection of rare paintings by Edward Corbett, one of the most accomplished and nationally recognized artists to have influenced Modern Art in Taos.  Corbett, having taught at the California School of Fine Arts, along with Mark Rothko, Clifford Still and Richard Diebenkorn, moved to Taos as a well know and respected artist in 1951.  Shortly after settling in Taos, Corbett was included in a major group exhibition, titled 15 Americans, at the New York Museum of Modern Art, along with Rothko, Still, Jackson Pollock, William Baziote, Bradley Tomlin and others.  He was close friends and showed his work along side Richard Diebenkorn, Robert McChesney and Clay Spohn in Taos, at La Galeria Escondida.  Corbett's works are in the permanent collections of major museums around the country, and in the White House collection, his artwork was exhibited during the Obama presidency.  However, Corbett's short but illustrious life and career, left few of his works available to the public.   We are fortunate to have acquired and accumulated several fine examples for this exhibition, which will likely be the largest showing of Corbett's work since his 1969 retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Fine Art.

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 13, 5 to 8 pm
Exhibition: July 13th – August 11th, 2019

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