Jonathan Sobol b. 1952

portrait of Jonathan Sobol


Jonathan Sobol has been a professional artist since 1976, although his explorations in oil painting began when he was just eight years old. Growing up amongst artists and musicians, Sobol was fortunate to have profound mentors to guide his craft. The diversity of his mentors gave Sobol the unique opportunity to find his own voice in a sea of creative possibilities.

At a young age, Sobol was introduced to genres such as Fauvists, Avantgardists, Academicians, Portrait Painters, Modernists, Minimalists, Abstract Expressionists, sculptors, and printers. Without such an encompassing exposure to different forms of art, Sobol's own art would not take the form it does today.

Sobol effortlessly constructs and deconstructs the marriage of many of these genres within his art. Each piece composes a different emotional ambiance for both the artist and the beholder.

However, the joy and playfulness of the artist are not lost to the depth and breadth of his professional career. The artist's miniatures series displays this quite profoundly outside of the artwork itself, as Sobol states his mission of the series as "pure collaboration with the creative spirit, and [to] guide my larger works."

His unrestrictive, intuitive form of creation emerges in vivid colors and illustrative titles, such as "Help I Just Had A Thought" or "Just Hangin' Around".

The curated artwork represented by 203 Fine Art is of his most recent work, and the artist continues to create new pieces today.

Schools of Study

Art Academy of Jerusalem Betzalel

Student of John Howard Sanden, portraiture NYC

Student of M. Moyer, portraiture

Partial List of Collections

New Dominion Corporation, Tulsa, OK Square House Museum, Panhandle, TX.
James M. Good Portrait Collection, Washington, DC
Diplomat Hotel, Hollywood, Fla.
The Fire House Collection, Taos, NM.
The Lineberry Museum. Taos, NM.
The Holy Cross Hospital Art Collection, Taos, NM.

Selected Exhibitions

2015 Taos Art Museum, Thirty-year retrospective exhibition.

2014 M.A.Doran Gallery, Tulsa, OK

2014 Wilder Nightingale Gallery, Taos, NM. The Fringes of Beauty, the Grotesque Paintings.

2006 M.A.Doran Gallery, Tulsa, OK

2005 ArtSpace 116, Albuquerque, NM

1981 O’Briens Art Emporium, Scottsdale, AZ.

Jonathan Sobol at 203 Fine Art

203 Fine Art presented a solo exhibition for Jonathan Sobol, Fundamental Energy: New Works by Jonathan Sobol, in Sept-Oct 2023. Click the link below to view the exhibition catalogue.

Fundamental Energy: New Works by Jonathan Sobol | Online Exhibition catalogue

Selected Works in Our Inventory