Shaun Richel


Shaun Richel is a fine artist who paints and draws both the landscape and non-objective abstraction. Before coming to the Taos area in 1997 she had earned a BFA. “What I most want to express in my work is it’s ‘painterliness’, the loose, rapid handling, or the look of it, with broken color, uneven saturations and also to show the densities of the paint. My approach is to be open at the start of a piece and to allow anything to happen.”

Shaun Richel was born in Canada, and at age 11 her family moved to Southern California. She has been involved in the arts since her early twenties. Working toward an interior design degree Richel had the pleasure of experiencing many art classes. Deciding to leave California to find a new place to live and wanting something completely different, she and her partner found they were drawn to Northern New Mexico. Especially loving the "big sky" with all that that implies; dramatic rain storms, amazing clouds and drama of the light, they came to the Taos area in late winter of 1996 to live. Being submerged in the art world, the artist was realized, and the rest is history.

Shaun Richel at 203 Fine Art

Please follow the link below to view the online catalogue for the 2017 exhibition In Comparison, organized by 203 Fine Art.

In Comparison | Exhibition Catalogue on ISSUU

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Selected Exhibitions

New Grounds Gallery, Taos , NM 2002
Blumenschein Museum, Taos , NM 2003
Stables Gallery, Taos , NM 2003
Addison Rowe Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM 2006

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